Sample Tiles ....

Try as we may the computer screen does not do justice to our delft tiles!

Crimson delft flower design tile

From Crimson Flowers Collection

Because you really do need to hold one in your hand and to touch and see the real thing, we are always very pleased to send sample tiles.

All our tiles are made to order so we only keep a small stock from our range of tiles to use as samples. As a result, while we can happily send you a particular design glaze colour (ie blue, green, sepia, crimson or polychrome) we cannot undertake to send a specific design (eg flowers or birds). These sample tiles are available at a special price £15.00 including postage and packing. The advantage is that because these tiles are held in stock we can usually dispatch them by first class post the same day so you get them really quick!

Temporary suspension of sample tile ordering.

We have recently experienced a high demand for our tiles and whilst this is good on the one hand it does also mean that our delivery schedule for orders is currently much longer than usual. Because each of our tiles is painted by hand it is simply not possible to increase the supply of finished tiles and as a consequence it is difficult to give clients a reliable estimate of when new orders will be completed. We have therefore reluctantly decided to temporarily suspend the sample tile service. If your project is flexible on timescales we would love to hear from you. Please send us a message using the contact form with a very brief outline of your project and we will get back to you as soon as we are able to restart sending samples and accepting new orders. Thank you.