Delft Tile Panels and Murals

The original delft decorations were in the form of a panel of tiles or mural, sometimes covering large areas of wall, that together created a single design. What we generally think of today as delft tiles, with a complete design on an individual tile, came somewhat later.

We can create traditional hand painted delft tile panels and murals in pretty much any size, design and glaze colours of your choice ranging from a two panel inset, through an AGA splashback up to a large wall mural for the foyer of a public building. We are very happy to design a tile panel to your specific requirements and will discuss the project with you (by telephone, fax, post or email) following which we can produce design sketches. If necessary the design can be made to fit a specific place such as an area of kitchen tiling or a fireplace. We understand how important it is that we take time together to develop a design that is exactly what you are seeking.

The cost of delft tile panels depends on size and the complexity of the design but typically is £20 to £30 per five inch tile. We would be delighted to discuss your ideas for a delft tile panel so please contact us for further details.


delft panel
An example of a delft tile panel created for a client consisting of 16 five inch tiles (the tiles are shown before they were fixed and grouted). Price £360.

delft panel
This image is of an individual 5inch tile from the above panel and shows the detail of the handpainted design. (It's the second tile from the left in the third row)