Traditional Delft Tiles

- hand crafted

At Norton Tile we have been creating Delft tiles for many years and today we are one of the very few tile workshops in Europe still using traditional methods. Every tile is hand painted by us in our studio in Sussex.

- your choice

We make tiles to order - your order. This means we can respond to your requirements rather than you compromising on having to select from the limited range offered by ordinary tile manufacturers or retailers. So you get the tiles you want, you also get the special pleasure of knowing they have been made for you .. oh, and we get the craftsman's pride in making them.

To help you choose we have used our experience to bring together our Delft Collections (see the menu on the left) offering over a hundred carefully selected individual designs in several glaze colours, many based on original 16th century tiles. And, by all means, feel free to 'pick and mix' from the Collections.

In addition, because our tiles are hand painted, you can create your own bespoke designs. If you need any help we have lots of experience plus a great library of original delft designs to provide inspiration. (So if you want 20 delft style tiles each with a different bird design we are happy to make these for you - try asking for that at any tile retailer!)

Ironically, because you are dealing directly with the maker, together we can miss out all those 'middle people' (who quite frankly don't add much) which means the ultimate price is much the same.

- enjoy

We are passionate about our tiles! They have an amazing ability to fire the senses. Drab clays, dry sands and chemical oxides are transformed into a spectrum of colours and designs that can last for centuries. Simultaneously rustic and sophisticated. So please take the time to explore this site and discover the possibilities of delft tiles. We hope you enjoy your visit and we look forward to hearing from you about your tiles ( we're only sorry we can't offer coffee during your visit!).