We enjoy working with our clients and many have been kind enough to share photographs they have taken of their finished projects or write and comment on their tiles. So we thought it would be nice to include a selection of both on the web site.

  • Sea Monster Fireplace
    One of our favourite fireplaces. We painted a collection of whimsical sea monsters using original designs for this client looking for something to enchant and entertain guests both now and in the future.
  • Delft tiles used to good effect in a bathroom
  • Delft tiles provide the backdrop to this range cooker
    Note the tile sixth from left in the bottom row which has a special record about the family living in the house - a perfect example of the benefit of bespoke tiles.
  • Blue delft flower tiles
    Blue delft flower tiles, probably the most popular of all the delft designs, form a backdrop to this client's double cream range cooker
  • Central in this cooker back is a bespoke tile depicting the client's house.
  • A few delft birds are just enough to give character behind the taps!
  • Bespoke fireplace
    A collection of delft children design tiles with an added ornate corner. We helped the client create a unique fireplace.
  • AGA delft panel
    This client wanted a mixture of delft portraying countryside birds, animals and insects. We were delighted to oblige.
  • Ornate delft scenes used to decorate a splashback area in a cloakroom
  • Delft blue flowers and 'corners only' tiles behind this multi-fuel stove in a period cottage
  • Run of 'corners only' tiles set off this butler sink
  • Delft 'corners only' tiles are a discrete but unmistakable delft decoration
  • Polychrome delft flowers above a cream AGA
    An unusually dramatic corner motif was added to create an overall trellis effect
  • Chinoiserie style tiles for a fireplace
    This client wanted a Chinoiserie design for her fireplace. We were able to research and then handpaint these 17th century designs. An interesting replay of the early influence of Chinese pottery on the delft style.
  • On the stairs
    An unusual use of our delft tiles to decorate the stairs!
  • A collection of blue delft in a farmhouse kitchen
  • Delft tiles used on hearth
    Use of delft wall tiles for hearth is not recommended if the fire is used because of the heat from falling embers etc
  • Delft tiles used to decorate sides of fireplace
  • Polychrome bird and flower tiles for a Victorian Fireplace
  • Polychrome flowers in a period house
  • Sepia delft buidings
    A great collection of sepia delft building tiles above a range cooker. A good example of the client choosing custom designs - we are always able to create as many individual designs as you wish.
  • Delft tiles used on fireplace hearth
    A mixture of blue delft used for a fire hearth. If using delft wall tiles in an operating open fireplace be aware that embers can cause localised scorching on the glaze and the considerable temperature changes will promote crazing.
  • Blue delft in an inglenook
  • Single delft tile used to provide a feature
    Interesting use of a single delft design tile as a feature in a modern bathroom
  • Blue flower delft
    A small collection of blue delft designs below fitted kitchen units
  • Woodburning stove with delft tiled backdrop
    Delft 'corners only' tiles in an inglenook fireplace forming a classical backdrop to a woodburning stove.
  • Blue delft tiles used as splashback
    Blue delft flower tiles form a pretty splashback for French house cloakroom. Also the Delft blue border tiles supplied by us have also been used to finish off the tiled area.
  • Mixed blue delft above gas hob
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